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“I am so proud to be launching INCredible cosmetics. It’s got all the DNA of Nails inc in terms of colour and innovation. I wanted to launch a cosmetic range that’s all about being your most INCredible self, it celebrates each and every customer in the most positive way. Everyone should have the right to feel INCredible –right?”
 Thea Green CEO and founder.

Following the successful launch of INCredible at the beautiful venue Isabel’s in Mayfair earlier this month, we wanted to give you the low down of our new cosmetic range INCredible. With our first drop of lip product, just like Nails inc there is an opportunity to experiment with different formats, effects and high pigment colour. We like to shake up the norm, create trends yet follow exsisting ones creating a wearable version. A large element of theatre is promoted through INCredible, we are conveying a story through each product. From in a dream world's etheral personality to pushing every day, the quick fix touch up pen perfect for our busy lives!

INCredible is about having fun with your make up and being the best version of yourself.  INCredible will move into a full cosmetics range from Spring next year and will be adding to the range continuously just like Nails inc. We just want to create INC.redible products that you will love to wear and feel unbeatable!

Jelly shot: Iresistible lip quenchers are enriched with moisture-boosting and protecting ingredients to help nourish, moisturise and repair your lips. With cute flower detailling throughout all four shades.

Lip trippin: Wearable drama, these three iridescent strobe lipsticks can be worn alone or over colour. Pink, purple and plum.

In a dream world: Intense effect sheer lip gloss with colour flip pigment in six unique shades.

Pushing everyday: Soft glide, moisturising matte effect click lipstick with intense colour pay off. A perfect handbag essential in six shades.

Matte my day: High quality formulation in a stay put formula. Comfort wear, no cracking and high pigment in a rainbow of Fourteen trend shades that flatter all skin tones. 

Foiling around: From catwalk to instagram, the heavy foil matte lip look is taking over. Seven trend shades to suit all moods.

Glazing over: Intense colour pay off, medium shine gloss in a spectrum of fourteen shades to suit all skin tones.


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