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Look 1 - Bloody Tip

Using Victoria nail polish, Superfood NailKale base coat and 45 Second Top Coat with Kensington Caviar.

  • Apply one coat of base coat
  • To create the V, starting at the edge of the nail, pull the brush towards the middle of the tip
  • Repeat on other side, apply a second coat for a denser look
  • Apply one coat of top coat to complete the look


Look 2 - Chic Witchy talon

Using Mayfair Lane nail polish, Black Taxi nail polish and Superfood NailKale base coat and Gel Effect top coat

Tools: Striping brush

  •  Apply one coat of base coat
  • Paint two coats of Mayfair Lane nail polish
  • To create the point, with a striping brush, paint the outline of a V using Black Taxi nail polish
  • Fill in the V
  •  Finish with one coat of Gel effect top coat


Look 3 – Googly ghost eyes

Using Black Taxi nail polish, Floral street nail polish, Westminster Bridge Matte top coat

Tools: Dotting tool

  •  Apply one coat of base coat
  • Paint two coats of Black Taxi followed by the Matte top coat
  • To create the whites of the eyes, with a dotting tool, dot one drop of Floral Street
  •  Leave to dry
  • Finish with a dot of Black Taxi, applied with the dotting tool, to the edges of the white to create the googly eye effect


Look 4 – Leather & skulls

Using Silver skulls and glue from the Nails inc leather & skulls kit, Alexa Leather and Nail Kale basecoat

  • Apply one coat of base coat
  • Paint two coats of Alexa Leather nail polish
  • Leave to dry
  • Affix a skull to each thumb with nail glue.


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