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Follow these simple steps to achieve the perfect feline manicure this Halloween.

1. Prep your nails with bestselling Nails inc Superfood Base Coat.

2. Apply two coats of Cornwall Gardens nail polish.

3. Using a fine brush, take Black Taxi nail polish and outline the head of the cat. Using the polish brush, shade in the head and use a detail brush for the ears.

4. With a small sized dotting tool (or you can use a hair pin) use Neon Activator to place two dots for the eyes.

5. Using the same dotting tool, use Golden Lane nail polish to go over the white dots. 

6. Take a detail brush and using Black Taxi nail polish, create a stripe in the middle of the eyes for the cat's pupils.

7. Seal in the design with a top coat when fully dry to avoid smudging. We recommend 45 Second Top Coat with Kensington Caviar.

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